Robert Nagler Miller Communications is pleased to assist individuals and organizations with all of their communications and public relations needs. Robert’s services include:

Robert can successfully manage any editorial project, from proofreading and editing flyer and newsletter copy to project-managing an annual report. His areas of expertise include: creating story budgets; interviewing clients, donors, and other key players; writing and editing text; managing a creative team of photographers, graphic designers, and printers; and overseeing the entire production of a newsletter or magazine, from story conception through press checks and distribution. He would be pleased to assist you with any or all of your editorial needs. See examples of Robert’s work here

Media Relations
The recipe for positive media coverage is consistent development of professional relationships with reporters, editors, and producers; a keen understanding of what is newsworthy; and thoughtful and compelling pitches and press releases. Robert is a master chef in media relations. His careful cultivation of professional relationships, combined with his media savvy, has benefited many institutions over the years. His efforts have resulted in front-page and substantive stories in many print publications, along with coverage on major TV and radio stations. Contact Robert to learn how he can help you or your organization gain greater visibility. See some of Robert’s media hits here

Website Management
Robert has played a central role in developing a number of nonprofit websites and an active part in enhancing and maintaining them. Partnering with developers, he has project-managed significant overhauls of institutional websites. He also has been chiefly responsible for copy creation and updates. Although his background is in public relations and communications, he possesses great facility with the back end of websites and offers support in web page development.

Robert has created many eblasts to targeted audiences over the years and has been instrumental in writing and editing scores of blog posts. In addition, he has overseen—from story idea to distribution—the production of hundreds of e-newsletters. He possesses a critical understanding of the strategies necessary to achieve high open and click-through rates and can work with individuals and organizations to build consumer lists and generate interest in their services and programs through email marketing.

Other Services
There are very few things about which one can be certain … save grammar and diction. Robert is the maven of proper agreement, punctuation, and word usage. Nothing distresses him more than hearing an NPR reporter say, “between you and I.” (Just ask his spouse about this.) If you lack certainty about whether to us “who” or “whom,” “that” or “which,” or “is” or “are,” Robert can provide clarification. Contact him for expert proofreading and editing services. He is also available to assist you with speechwriting, PowerPoint presentations, business reports, and ghostwriting. 

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